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October 15 and 16    7 Fraser Ave, Studio 12    Butoh workshop and performance with Maureen Freehill  part of Your Life Your Story Your Dance: An Embodied Arts Series

What is butoh, and who is Momo? Read an interview with Maureen Freehill about Butoh here.

Your life is a creation.

You tell the story.

You are the hero. 

The story is up to you.

In this workshop, we honour your life as a hero’s journey with visual art, written and spoken word, movement, and dance.

We will explore life’s big questions:

Where did I come from and where am I going?

What are my current gifts and challenges?

How do these gifts and challenges occur in my

  • body
  • mind
  • heart and emotions
  • spirit

For what am I willing to take a stand? For what am I willing to sacrifice my life?

With these questions in mind, we will be guided through a cyclical process of visual art (painting and drawing), writing, dialogue, and movement.

Visual art will inspire writing and dialogue. The dialogue will inspire a written “score” or plan for a dance. The dance will inspire further visual art, and thus, the cycle continues. As we create these multi-layered self portraits, we will explore the relationship between body, feeling, and imagination as we cycle through movement, drawing, and dialogue throughout the day. As a result each of us will create a richly textured, multifaceted self-portrait including visual art, writing, and dance.

Maureen Freehill will also share how she uses this creative process cycle for her dance piece, “Hitobashira,” which she continues to create as a living work.

Participants of the October 15th workshop will be invited to perform their work together on Sunday, October 16 at 7 pm at 7 Fraser, Studio 12. (Performing optional.) Participants who chose to perform should be available for rehearsal on Sunday afternoon between 1 and 4 pm.

Dance or yoga attire is suitable. Bring journals, writing implements, water bottles. Light vegetarian lunch is provided.

This dance is for any BODY. Novices and experts and anyone in between: all are welcome.

For registration contact Patricia @ playthink . com
$90-105 sliding scale


Read more about Your Life Your Story Your Dance workshops on Oct. 8 here.


Playing small is a bad habit, one that I wanted to explore with my friend and fellow arts encourager Tricia Postle at Majlis Multidisciplinary Arts. Majlis  is an open air performance space nestled between two industrial buildings in what appears to have been a former alley (or lane way as they call them here in Toronto).

From the Majlis Arts website:

Majlis means a place where people sit….. listening to poetry or music, discussing ideas or politics, watching dance, or some combination of the above.

Majlis Multidisciplinary Arts is a crossroads culture arts incubator, where audiences and artists come together for presentations with ties to the traditions of salon, majlis, mehfil and baithak. We encourage the growth and development of the arts through education, presentation and discussion.

In other words, the Majlis is no place to hide out and play small.  Tricia’s vision for creating a beautiful space (basically from nothing) where artists from diverse disciplines, styles, genres and might converse, mix it up, and create performance otherwise not possible seems huge to me. So I’ve chosen to hang out with Tricia for a bit, and to help out in my very small way to prepare for another season of Majlis.

My dance today explores my tendency to play small.  I wanted to look more closely at the pay offs: whether to protect (with bubble wrap), to hide (behind matters of money), or to insulate (in the itchy acky fiberglass). Look for the majestic Tricia watering, encouraging little growing things, like me in her garden to grow up and play big.

Music: Chris Joss

Thank you to my teacher and coach Maureen “Momo Butoh” Freehill for this challenge.