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Writing about spirituality is tough. Writing about dance is tougher. A few years ago when I first started this project, I thought I might help myself to make sense of all that I was feeling and thinking by creating mind maps. In retrospect, I’m not sure that “making sense” is what these mind maps did for me. Still, it’s a joy to find these again. They’re like a gift from a former self.

Here are a few vintage maps from my voyage into dance, circa 2009.

each moment
healing wholing holy
amongst the chaos
the hurt
the pollution
the light arises
the light arrives
to greet the dark
they dance and play together
all is as it is
all as it needs to be
a prayer for all to see
you, me as family
water is life
soil is life
healing wholing holy

P. Renee Buerger

When I think of all that damage we have done to the oceans and to our planet, I’m tempted sink into apathy,  paralyzed by guilt. Connecting with others, with my teacher Momo by Skype conference in the morning, and then with my dancing friend Renee in the afternoon, helped me today to shake me out of such paralysis. Alone I am fearful and ashamed. In community we grow bigger, we grow stronger, we are brave, we can even find joy.

Feeling the weight of a wounded world heavy in our hearts, Renee and I danced our way to Buck Creek in Springfield, Ohio  to offer our prayers for the healing of the water that flows to the wounded sea.

Though this is serious work, Renee and I release some seriously playful spirits in each other. We dance and laugh and sing, and we are serious about praying for the planet. In our dance, and in our spontaneous spoken wordplay, we remembered that we are the ones who will save us.  In our play everything became a sign that we are the ones. We danced to the holiness in the flowers. We saw sacred light in the faces of passersby. We witnessed holiness in the litter we picked up from the water.  We remembered that we are the ones upon whom everything depends.

music: Mogwai

We may be the ones, but we’re not the only ones. As we danced, each person we saw became the one. This includes the Springfield police officer (flanked by two cruisers and a paddy wagon) who stopped and asked us to move away from the water.

I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
I love you.
Thank you.

Thank you to Momo Butoh who shared this mantra and her inspiration with with me. Visit her blog here: Maureen ‘Momo’ Freehill

I danced in the hallowed, hollow innards of a dead oak (which is still very much alive) in response to a mixed-up bittersweet day.

A strange toxic fire not far from where I danced sent the city of Dayton, Ohio indoors and to the suburbs for protection. I knew the sky was about to fall. And now I could feel it , smell it, taste it in the air.

Then news came that friends held in prison  Sarah, Shane, and Josh were reunited (if only briefly) with their mothers. Am I happy, am I sad? Confused? Scared? Hopeful? The extremes of pain and joy are almost too much to bear.
I’m learning that my dance practice is the perfect expression for holding these up and down crazy mixed up days in something akin to a balance of all that is out of balance.

Thank you to  Maureen “Momo Butoh” Freehill for instigating this dance on the world wide web.  See her inspiring daily butoh dance blog here.

Music: Kombucha Monster by Luminescent Orchestra.