Name your Daily Practice

Dance liberates. A daily practice of intentional and mindful movement has the power to change lives. Any regular practice of value requires a level of personal commitment that may not always be easy, but the result of your efforts may be nothing less than transformational.

Are you ready to dance with the full force of your daily commitment? The following may help you get started.

Name it so you can claim it.

Your practice is as precious and fragile as a new born baby.  So give your practice a name. I call what I do “Liberation Movement” because I like the bold, martial, revolutionary sound of it.  As a dancer, I am an outsider, a weirdo, a freak.  If you haven’t already noticed, I kind of like being that way. Still,  I’d much rather think of myself a rebel  fighting for the right to freedom than a misfit who is just playing around everyday. Besides who in their right mind is going to argue with my right to liberation? I like the bold strength  of reclaiming my birthright to dance.  So for me, the name Liberation Movement fits.  Feel free to call your practice “Liberation Movement,” if you wish.  I’d be honored if you did.

By choosing your own name for your practice, however,  you claim your dance as your own. Proclaim your practice as serious, and others will support you win your choice.  Honor your practice a title that leads others to think you are suffering a bit, and that you have some outrageous, external goal in mind. This will help you to earn a bit of respect from well-intentioned but less-than-supportive people in your life  (and voices in your head ) who might not appreciate the importance of daily dance.

Whatever you do, avoid names such as “spiritual dancing”  or some other flakey-spacey sounding title. Claiming time in your day for something airy fairy like spiritual dancing is too easily dismissed by the busy-body workaholics in your life.  As a spiritual dance practitioner, you’ll need all the strength you can muster. So name your practice something that you proudly pronounce and needs no defending.

Need help?



The LMDPNG will quickly create a title for your dance practice.  Don’t like the result? The LMDPNG will generate a new name each time you click. Revisit or refresh as often as you need.

Have you ever noticed how much respect some people earn simply for running around the neighborhood? I know this to be true, because I used to run marathons.  “Good for you!” people would say, when I told them I was training for the twenty-six point two miles. “I’m so impressed. That must be so difficult!” they’d say when they’d see me jostling Gatorade in those ridiculous little bottles attached to my belt.  If I told well-meaning family members that I  was taking an hour or  two or three for my endurance training, I could defend my choices. I was hard at work.  I was willing to suffer. And for all my suffering, I given the grace to skip social obligations, delay household chores, and move and listen to my favorite music  for hours at a time without having to answer to anybody.  Then, when I came home covered in icicles or sweat or both, I’d get praise and sympathy.  “You’re so brave and dedicated. I’m so proud of you!” Then on race day at the finish line, there would be family, friends, and strangers even, cheering me on!  For what?  Spending all that time and energy on myself.

If I were to tell the same people I was doing spiritual dance, I doubt that I would earn the same level of support and respect. I don’t know if I would give myself the same support and respect, either.  My title, Liberation Movement, reminds me that I have freedom to dance for no other reason than because I said so.

Sorry about the mess in the kitchen, honey, I have to go do my Systematic Synesthetic Core Practice

  1. lee says:

    love this… couldn’t get the LMDPNG to work though :~( will have to stay with leela dance practice for now – LDP…
    loving you… in the dance… XO

    • Hey dream partner! Much loving back at you!

      I think you might be overestimating the power of the LMDPNG. The LMDPNG only comes up with a schmaltzy new name each time you click on the link with a different fitness person giving you a testimonal. Besides the Leela Dance Pracitce seems to work very well for you, anyway!

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