parkour de mort

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Uncategorized
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My brother and I celebrated the change of seasons and Holy Saturday by scrambling around the cemetery in a new tradition we call parkour de mort. This year’s ritual involved intense intervals of hill climbing,  a visit to the the graves of Mom and Howard and Grandma and Dad and Cindy, decorating the family grave site with Mardi Gras beads, and performing a few discrete and respectful backflips over an occasional headstone.

Speaking of family and spring and ritual, here’s how my ancestors may have celebrated the change of seasons in the old country.

Though I’ve never experienced this celebration first hand, these old dances feel familiar. I love the moves, especially the shimmy they do with girls they steal from the audience. And the costumes look a bit like something my niece and her Open Heart Creatures might have created. What a lovely way to share the liberation that spring can bring!

  1. frannyrose says:

    I often dance/ramble at my local cemetery. Is there a way to join you and your brother in some other outdoor dances? I’ve been longing to dance with trees and with other people ever since I moved back to TO.

  2. frannyrose says:

    Hi! I often dance in my local cemetery, and I’m looking for fellow movers to join me in the ravines/parks/whathaveyou’s around town (especially now that the weather is nice!). Please drop me a line if you want to arrange for some outdoor moving!

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