99 reasons to dance

You should be dancin’, yeah.
The Bee Gees

Why dance? Why not? The best reason to dance is simply to dance, of course. But if you really need an excuse, try these.

  1. To play like a child
  2. To heal thyself
  3. To breathe and make breath visible
  4. To connect with other people
  5. To explore solitude
  6. To remember the past
  7. To release the past
  8. To remember who you are
  9. To forget yourself

10.   To sweat out toxins

11.   To more fully experience music

12.   To feel emotion

13.   To release emotion

14.   To experiment with nonverbal expression

15.  To go where no man has gone before

16.  To engage in an internal inquiry.  “How am I? Who am I?  Why am I here? What’s for dinner?”

17.  To meditate

18.   To honor your grandmother

19.  To play at the edge of physical capability

20.  To practice courage

21.  To experience that which has no further reason, meaning, or purpose.

22.  To reconnect to the earth through your feet

23.  To energize

24.  To relax

25.  To reflect on what is happening in the world without collapsing in a ball of inaction.

26.  For fun

27.  To share energy and matter with the environment

28.  To experience love everlasting

29.  To make contact

30.  To explore intimacy with strangers

31.  To float like a butterfly and sting like a bee

32.  To work up an appetite

33.  To end hunger

34.  To keep the nonnative invasive species out of the garden

35.  To return to the garden

36.  To connect with the mystical

37.  To connect with the mythical

38.  To connect with the metaphysical

39.  Because you can

40.  Because you are temporary

41.  Because there is something undeniably eternal about dancing

42.  Because you can’t help yourself from dancing

43.  Because you can help yourself by dancing

44.  Because the devil made you do it

45.  Because the angels want you to do it

46.  To widen you circle of compassion

47.  To build  sexual tension

48.  Release sexual tension

49.  To celebrate life

50.  To mourn the dead

51.  To express glory and praise

52.  To take myself seriously

53.  To appreciate the weight of the world

54.  To lighten up

55.  To experience a state of flow

56.  To remember how to play

57.  To communicate

58.  To work up an appetite

59.  To burn calories

60.  To consciously experience what it is to experience

61.  To allow unconscious experience to inform conscious experience

62.  To issue in the dawning of a new day

63.  To crush grapes

64.  To dry the polish off my toenails

65.  To consciously participate in the flow of energy that moves through you

66.  To enhance experience of the beauty that surrounds you

67.  To experience the presence of life

68.  To act out your deepest, darkest desires

69.  To pick up chicks or dudes

70.  To play with your shadow

71.  To shake off the worries of the day

72.  To allow the environment to swallow you whole

73.  To enjoy what we might not even have noticed

74.  To notice what would be lost

75.  To burn off poisons and to sweat them out

76.  To pray for other people who might be sick or suffering

77.  To make money (as in dancing with a pole or taking your clothes off)

78.  To get warm so as to save money on heating bills

79.  To get warm so as to burn a few extra calories

80.  To allow for accidental to emerge

81.  To experiment with experience

82.  To maintain a girlish (or boyish) figure

83.  To frighten the demons away

84.  To lure in good spirits

85.  To show gratitude for health and well being

86.  To experience health and well being

87.   To mourn and to grieve

88.  To pretend to be someone else

89.  To enjoy solitude

90.  To focus attention

91.  To socialize

92.  To awaken creativity

93.  To remember that as humans we are mortal

94.  To gain strength and build cardiovascular endurence

95.  For something to do, for entertainment

96.  To enjoy sex without doing the thing

97.  To intimidate the other team

98.  To make play of work

99.  To mourn and to grieve

and then…

  1. To remember dreams
  2. To play with the Muses.
  3. To explore symbols in dreams
  4. To celebrate a wedding
  5. To soothe a fussy baby
  6. To humiliate your teenage children
  7. To make it rain
  8. To stretch stiff muscles and joints
  9. To warm up an audience before a public speaking engagement
  10. To enliven a Powerpoint presentation
  11. To build team spirit
  12. To build muscle
  13. To rate a song on American Bandstand
  14. To tell a secret and keep it, too

Did I miss any?  I’m certain that I did.  Please help add to the list with your comments.

  1. today my reason to dance is #42…because I can’t help myself from dancing!

    • Me too. It seems like when I don’t dance, the dance comes out in some other way, anyway. Foot tapping, nail biting, hair twirling, heart beating, breathing… All those repetitive, expressive movements to me feel like expressions of dance, at least when I pay attention to them.

      Thanks for reading and for the comment, Joanna.

  2. To remember what I love the most

  3. As Donovan said: “Music Is….”
    Many say: “Dancing Is…”
    Dance to your Heart’s Delight…………..

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